About Nerdy Hugo – Greyhound Clothing

Proud to make Greyhounds front and centre on our huge range of Greyhound Clothing and Apparel with exclusive Greyhound Designs to suit all Greyhound Lovers!

Greyhound Hoodie Greyhound Tshirt Greyhound Gift Anagram

You may have noticed already? Did you? Nerdy Hugo is an anagram of Greyhound; and Hugo really is a Nerd when it comes to Greyhounds!

OUR SHOP IS LOCATED HERE:- https://nerdyhugo.myspreadshop.ie/

Our Shop, hosted by Spreadshop, offers a huge range of high quality clothing & fashion items, along with a plethora of accessories with tasteful designs to suit greyhound lovers of all ages. We want to help you make your love of greyhounds visible to all through smart design and desirable fashion.

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All involved with Nerdyhugo.com believe the greyhound to be the most noble and beautiful of all dogs and remain lifelong advocates for greyhounds as pets, following a happy career as the fastest professional athlete on the planet!

Nerdy Hugo – Rodney Hug – Doug Henry